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  • Editors? We don’t need no stinking editors!

    This article by Dan Selakovich makes the strong case for why films benefit from a skilled editor, separate from the director: Why A Director Shouldn’t Edit Their Own Movie It boils down to objectivity, to getting away from all the baggage of remembering what happened on set.  He makes a compelling case, and his advice is the […]

  • Doc Short Contenders Announced by Academy

    I was supposed to be editing…  I had been fighting gremlins for weeks – some of my own making, many that appear to be bugs idiosyncrasies features in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.  You know, Adobe – the company who got themselves hacked, meaning my credit card number stolen, so that I had to update every […]

  • Yet another film festival scandal!

    There has been yet another film festival scandal. this one involving the Newport International Film Festival (among others).  It makes you wonder how common more subtle forms of cronyism or abuse must be… See the Universal Film Magazine, Issue 9 article – look here: There has been discussion (on Doculink, the D-word,  and similar boards) […]