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  • My Premiere Pro multi-cam premier

    So we did this little shoot.  Three cameras, plus multitrack audio.  Slated most of the takes, like I said… Here is the workflow we evolved: Shoot seven takes total of three different pieces by the aerialist team, Charity and Jon. Ingest – Broadcast wav in multitrack Pro Tools sessions for audio Canon AVCHD files from two […]

  • Bugs and workarounds editing multi-cam

    We recently did a small multicam shoot for some circus artist friends, and were reminded not to cut corners in prep…  Specifically, don’t rely on software to sync your clips for you!  It is worth taking the time to carefully and correctly slate every take.  Editing, and the entire post process, will be so much […]

  • Time remapping: Final Cut beats Avid and Adobe by a couple of lengths

    It seemed so simple… Just speed up some clips, creating a faux-time-lapse sequence. It would be cute, save some space. It seemed so simple… I am editing the DVD (and BluRay) packages for Sunnyside Environmental School’s Spring musical, Video Killed the Fairytale Star. Three performances, each shot with three cameras – plus an 8 or […]