Ricardo the film maker

Ricardo and gear

Ricardo Ismach. Ricardo is Casual Dog’s principal and founder. As a youth, he flunked out of Harvard and spent four years working as an audio engineer in Boston. He did some film and video work too, and worked as a technician for Tomlinson Holman, who later created THX sound. Ricardo went back to school planning a career in film sound. Harvard’s hip department of Visual and Environmental Studies kaboshed that: despite his years’ of professional experience and substantial success, they wouldn’t have him in the department. Seem’s you had to apply as a Freshman, and he was no longer a Freshman…

Ricardo wound up going to Medical School in the Joint Medical Program of UCSF and UC Berkeley. It was here that he began working at the Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic and developed his social conscience. After many career twists and turns, he renewed his interest in media – now as a filmmaker. His documentary work is a central part of his professional life, focussing especially on vulnerable populations and access to health care.



Melissa Kenney.   Melissa is a principal at Casual Dog, and like Ricardo her ADHD tendencies are a perfect match for the myriad demands of filmmaking.  She has an excellent eye for composition and rhythm in editing, as well as the outstanding organizational skills that producing requires.  Her interests in disability and mental health dovetail perfectly

Hassan High. Hassan is Casual Dog’s own graphic designer. One of the smartest dudes on the planet, he is abandoning his lucrative career in design to pursue legal studies. But we still manage to rope him in when needed…

Alan Ismach.  Alan, after cutting his teeth as an actor in Kid Stuff and a Summer workshop at Portland’s NW Film Center, has been working his way up in the Casual Dog organization.  No, seriously, he actually helps at shoots, as boom operator or even camera operator.  A remarkably talented and skilled musician, he is our resident  sound designer and composer.

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