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  • Editors? We don’t need no stinking editors!

    This article by Dan Selakovich makes the strong case for why films benefit from a skilled editor, separate from the director: Why A Director Shouldn’t Edit Their Own Movie It boils down to objectivity, to getting away from all the baggage of remembering what happened on set.  He makes a compelling case, and his advice is the […]

  • The Joys of Post Production

    I have nearly completed a rather large project – a DVD of Video Killed the Fairytale Star, Sunnyside Environmental School’s Spring musical.  I ended up only editing one complete performance, rather than cutting together bits and pieces.  But that is a two hour show, with a three camera shoot and 14 channels of field audio in Pro […]

  • Time remapping: Final Cut beats Avid and Adobe by a couple of lengths

    It seemed so simple… Just speed up some clips, creating a faux-time-lapse sequence. It would be cute, save some space. It seemed so simple… I am editing the DVD (and BluRay) packages for Sunnyside Environmental School’s Spring musical, Video Killed the Fairytale Star. Three performances, each shot with three cameras – plus an 8 or […]