Current Projects

A number of projects are in various stages of development.



Directed by Ricardo Ismach, this is the story of Alan Steinbach, MD. Alan has been a scientist, commune-dweller, mentor, and friend to many. He has also been a leader in the socially conscious practice of medicine in the USA.  Formerly titled “What’s Inside, Professor?”  Alan is curious…


Homelessness – The Movie 

An epidemic of homelessness in the USA erupted when President Reagan first took office. The root causes remain misunderstood by most, especially policy makers.


Sick and Tired

Homelessness has been epidemic in the USA since President Reagan first took office. Sick and Tired takes a look at the health consequences of homelessness – and the barriers homeless people face in trying to take care of themselves. It is currently in pre-production.


Hey, There’s a Bum in My Soup!

Accross the country, every year, the same collision: well-bred medical students begin volunteering at free clinics, meeting a different class of people from those they knew in college. Most medical students come from highly educated, successful families – they’ve never really met a homeless person. This film, now in development, will examine the ways in which medical students and their mostly homeless patients learn from one another in America’s free clinics.


Still Free After All These Years

Free clinics serve a vital roll in North America, shoring up the tattered health care saftey net. In Still Free, we’ll chronicle several organizations’ growth. It is surprising how much their philospohies differ…



Kid Stuff

Kid Stuff

Written and directed by Ricardo Ismach, this is the story of two boys who discover an alien invasion. When they can’t get the grownups to take them seriously, they take matters into their own hands! Shot on location at Tybee Island on the Georgia coast in the Summer of 2003, Kid Stuff is nearing the end of post production. Look for it at your favorite film festival soon.



What happens when a Divinity School dropout meets an ambitious stripper? What if a video could ruin them both? The Starkers script is currently under development.



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