Nephilim – Aerialist Performance Plus!

A performance by our aerialist circus friends, Nephilim (Jon Lumus and Charity Marchandt).


This was shot multicam (DP Justen Hundley, Producer and Director Ricardo Ismach) using Canon HD cameras (an XF 300 and two Vixias).  Audio was recorded direct-to-disk using ProTools 11 and a Mackie Onyx board.  We intentionally used spartan lighting, and unfortunately weren’t able to procure a suitable backdrop cloth in time for the shoot.  We used Movie Slate to help sync the various bits…

In post, we created a MultiCam project in Adobe Premiere Pro CC (just when Adobe was hacked – so one of the post production tasks was to get a new bank card!).  Rather than use ProTools (Premiere doesn’t play nice, in this regard), we used Adobe Audition for the audio mix.  Color correction was quick and dirty, staying in Premiere – I wish we’d had time for a better finish.

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